Craft Insurance for Artists

What insurance do you need as an artist?

As an artist, it is vital you have an insurance policy that will protect both you and your business. Arts and craft insurance is a bespoke insurance policy that allows you as an artist to protect your products, equipment and business from financial losses due to damages, claims and accidents.

At CraftCover, our bespoke arts and crafts insurance policy allows artists all around the UK to safeguard their crafting businesses against these financial losses. We cover a wide range of crafts, many of which aren’t covered by other insurance providers.

Do you need special insurance to make and sell paintings?

Yes, you will need insurance to make and sell paintings. Our policy is tailored to and covers painters. We’ve seen many different artists utilising our CraftCover policies, including those who use:

  • -Acrylics
  • -Water Colour
  • -Oils and Pastels
  • -Ink
  • -Hot wax
  • -Fresco
  • -Gouache
  • -Enamel
  • -Spray Paint

What does craft insurance for artists cover?

When you use CraftCover to cover your business, you will be covered by a comprehensive artist insurance policy that includes Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance. Both are crucial in ensuring you and your business are protected in all areas.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for both you and your business against expensive compensation costs. These costs could be due to any damage or injury that has occurred towards a member of the public or their property as a result of your business’s products or activities.

You will be covered against death, injuries and disablement of the public and for any loss or damage to third party property.

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance will provide cover for your paintings and painted goods in production, sale and supply.

If a customer experiences an issue as a direct result of your product, you risk being held liable for paying legal fees if they pursue a claim against you. Our cover takes that worry away, meaning you won’t have to deal with extensive legal costs if an incident does occur.

Do you need insurance to sell art at craft fairs and events?

Yes, many craft fair and event organisers will require you to have proof of your insurance before you can start selling. Often, they will need proof of your Public and Product Liability Insurance up to a certain limit of indemnity.

We understand that if you’re selling at a craft fair, you want the day to go as smoothly as possible, which is why we ensure that your policy documents are easy to access and can be easily emailed to craft fair organisers.

What kind of insurance can I get to sell art at craft fairs?

At CraftCover, we actually have our very own craft fair insurance policy which includes Public and Product Liability Insurance, as well as additional coverage should you need it for your painting business.

Additional cover can include:

  • -Stock and equipment cover
  • -Cover for your goods and equipment whilst in transit to and from the fair
  • -Loss of money up to £1000

If you only wish to attend a few crafts fairs a year, we also offer one off craft fair insurance which is a great way to dip your toes into the craft fair scene. This short term coverage only lasts for 3 days, ideal for those attending craft fairs from a Friday to Sunday.