Cake Making Insurance

Baking has always been a much loved hobby but, in recent years, it has grown into becoming viable businesses for those who are passionate enough. Cake making, including other baked goods such as brownies, blondies, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake, fudge and more, is a great business model that has brought many bakers great success over the years.

If you run a cake making business, no matter the size, it is important to seek the correct insurance as soon as possible. Speak to our team today to learn about what insurance you need for your cake business.

What insurance do I need for my cake business?

The type of insurance and cover you will need when selling cakes, or any other baked goods, can vary massively due to different business factors. Our industry specific policy however, aims to ensure that all areas of craft and their businesses can be covered.

Our cake making and decorating insurance will be tailored specifically to your business. You may sell your goods online, through crafting fairs and events or in a shop; in any case, CraftCover can ensure that you are provided with sufficient cover in order to protect your business against any unwanted damages, legal costs and more.

If you need to insure:

  • – Products/Goods
  • – Business premises, whether that be a dedicated shop or your home
  • – Baking, packing and shipping related equipment or technology

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Why do I need insurance to sell cakes?

It is imperative that you get proper insurance when you sell goods, whether online, in store or at events. The main reason that you need insurance to sell cakes is so that you are not financially liable if a customer faces an issue with your product. Particularly with food products, food safety standards and allergy disclosure is of extreme importance, therefore having appropriate insurance will support you if a related issue is to arise.

Some crafting events and fairs will require proof of insurance before you can trade, so if this is a method in which you wish to start selling, it is best to get covered straight away. You can find out more about why you need craft insurance for your business in our blog post.

What is included in this insurance?

Our cake making policy is tailored to suit all baking businesses, keeping in mind health and safety policies regarding food preparation and sale. The two main types of insurance that you will require are Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance. Our policy covers both of these crucial areas.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance allows you and your business to be covered against compensation costs should any damage or injury be caused by or to a member of public due to your business activities. There are many instances that can occur that could result in large legal expenses for your small business – these costs could be extremely damaging without insurance.

Some of the main risks covered by this insurance includes:

    • – Injuries to members of the public
    • – Death or disablement to the public
    • – Loss of or damage to third party property

    Product Liability Insurance

    Product Liability Insurance

        • covers the goods that you make, supply and sell. If a customer comes across an issue as a direct result of your products, you could be liable for paying legal costs if a claim is pursued. With the correct insurance, you will be covered for any product related issues and won’t have to worry about extensive legal costs.

        Insurance for home baking business

        Home baking insurance covers all aspects of making and selling baked goods at home. Our cake making, decorating and home baking insurance is great for small startups and larger, more established businesses looking to get full cover and protection.


        How much does cake making insurance cost?

        The cost of cake making insurance is based a variety of factors, such as:

        • – Your specific products
        • – The size and location of your business
        • – Your excess cost
        • – The level of cover that your cake business needs

        Our friendly, professional team can help you to find the right cover for your cake business at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and subsequent costs.

        When should I get insurance for my cake making business?

        Investing in insurance is completely up to you and your business needs. We will always encourage crafters to purchase insurance before selling your goods – this is due to the fact that issues can occur at any point during your business processes.

        If you are a smaller business, your insurance can reflect this and meet your budget and requirements. If you factor in insurance costs when you are starting your business, or before you begin to sell your products, you will ensure that your future business is covered from the start. Our team of insurance experts can guide you through the insurance process, including updating your policy once your business grows.

        How quickly will my insurance become active?

        In order to thoroughly and efficiently protect our clients’ businesses, your insurance policy will only take a few minutes to set up, and then will be valid immediately.

        Do I need insurance to make and sell cakes at home?

        We would definitely recommend that you get craft insurance, despite making and selling your cakes and baked goods from home. Regardless if you are only based in your home, you could still run into a dispute with a customer or experience an issue that can cause damage to your business through loss of goods, equipment and/or technology.

        How do I get insurance for my cake making business in the UK?

        If you want the best level of cover at the best price for your cake making business, CraftCover is the right insurer for you. We will take the time to understand your business and its individual requirements in order to arrange the best cake making policy for you. We can discuss what you need covering and for how long, ensuring that you are always well protected and that you can let your cake business flourish!

        Get your free quote online today or alternatively, speak to one of our friendly team members to discuss your cake making insurance policy.