Craft Insurance

Many people who are new to the UK craft industry question whether they really need craft insurance. Ask yourself this: If your stock and equipment were damaged or you were found to be legally liable for an injury caused by your product, could your business survive financially?

We know that people working in the craft industry face very specific challenges. To get the best cover possible, it’s important to have an insurer who understands your craft business and doesn’t try to make a square peg fit into a round hole.

What is craft insurance?

Bespoke craft insurance offers crafters specific cover that is relevant to their industry, allowing them to be covered when making, teaching and selling crafts. CraftCover’s craft insurance is designed with small craft businesses in mind and we provide both public liability and product liability as a minimum level of cover.

We also like to keep things simple. Using our fully-automated online system, you can get a quote or purchase your insurance policy instantly with ease.

What does craft insurance include?

Our insurance policies are ideal for those who run craft businesses at home or from a workshop. As well as our basic cover of public and products liability, you can tailor policies to meet your specific needs, adding extra cover such as:


  • – Cover for damage to your raw materials, finished stock or equipment
  • – Loss of profit (e.g. due to fire or flood disrupting trade)
  • – Employer’s liability
  • – Cover for your computer or laptop anywhere in the UK or Worldwide if needed

With CraftCover, you are covered whilst selling online, in third party shops, at craft fairs throughout the EU or even a combination of all! We also offer craft workshop insurance for those who provide demonstrations, tuition or classes for members of the public.

How much does craft insurance cost?

You might think that getting specific craft insurance would prove to be expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Why not get a quote today to see how much we could save you on your existing cover?

There’s up to 20% No Claims Discount available, helping you save money year-on-year. Trust us to provide your craft business with bespoke, industry-specific insurance that doesn’t break the bank!

Craft insurance with CraftCover

At CraftCover, we provide bespoke, comprehensive crafting insurance to a huge range of crafters, hobbyists, professional craft teachers, craft shop owners and more! If you’re looking for cover that protects both your business, your craft and even your students, choose CraftCover today.

We provide plenty of advice and support for our wonderful crafters, or aspiring crafters. Check out our blog to learn more about crafting, such as how to start a craft business, where to sell your crafts and how to sell crafts legally.

If you would like to know more about our craft insurance, please contact our friendly team or use our online quotation service.

FAQs about craft insurance

We try our best to answer any questions our crafters may have, so take a look below or get in touch if your question hasn’t yet been answered and we’ll be happy to help.

Do I need insurance to sell handmade crafts?

It’s extremely wise to have insurance in place when crafting, particularly when selling or teaching crafts to members of the public. Having insurance covers you in the event of personal or public injury, damages to goods or equipment and when selling at craft fairs or shows.

If you are found liable for any public damages, or have to fund replacement of goods after an incident, you may see the craft business you’ve worked so hard to build up suffering.

Secure the future of your craft business, no matter what size, with craft insurance from CraftCover.

If you’re interested in selling handmade crafts but not sure where to sell them check out this blog.

What type of insurance do crafters need?

Crafters need public and product liability insurance as standard to protect their business. Once you have secured those, you may look into your other options to extend your cover.

Getting additional cover for Loss of Profit, teaching craft workshops, Employer’s Liability and more, depends on the type of craft business you are running. Our team can help you choose the most suitable level of cover for you.

Why do you need craft insurance?

Craft insurance protects your business against extensive legal costs, expensive damage repairs and replacement of goods. No matter what size business you are running, you’ll need to be protected from the unexpected.

You may also be legally required to provide proof of insurance to craft event hosts. Many craft fairs demand that exhibitioners and stall holders are insured before selling at their fairs and shows.