Resin Art Insurance

Resin art has become a hugely popular craft in recent times. From miniature trinkets to keepsakes, even wedding favours and event table centrepieces, resin is versatile and a great DIY hobby for all to enjoy.

Many crafters have created successful businesses selling epoxy resin art, and some are just beginning to branch out into the world of selling crafts.

No matter what you make, if you intend to sell your goods, you’ll need a great insurance policy in place to protect your business.

What is resin art?

Resin art is a popular craft that uses epoxy resin, a liquid plastic, combined with different colour pigments, additives and decor to create unique works of art.

The resin is typically set in an epoxy mold using a hardening component and then de-molded to reveal different patterns and textures.

We’ve seen many of our crafters make beautiful works of resin art, including:

  • – Resin coasters and keyrings
  • – Preserving flowers in resin
  • – Resin beach and wave scenes
  • – Resin jewellery
  • – Crystal and geode pattern resin

The opportunities are endless with epoxy resin art! If you’re considering starting a resin business, check out our ultimate guide to starting a craft business for our best tips!

What insurance do I need to sell resin art?

It’s a good idea to have both public and product liability insurance in place when you start your resin business.

They are both crucial in ensuring that you, your business and goods are protected in all areas.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance will provide cover for both you and your business against compensation costs. These costs could be due to damage or injuries occurring because of or towards a member of the public as a result of your business’s products or activities.

You’ll be covered for injuries, death or disablement to the public and for loss of or damage to third party property.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance will provide cover for your handmade goods in production, supply and sale.

If a customer experiences an issue as a direct result of your products, such as harm, you risk being held liable for paying legal fees if they pursue a claim. Our cover takes that worry away – you won’t have to deal with any extensive legal costs if an incident does occur.

When should I get insurance for my resin art business?

It is important that you get your business insurance set up straight away. If you are planning on selling to the public soon, or already are, you’re at risk. Having insurance in place gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against loss, damages and injury.

How to get insurance to sell resin art in the UK

If you want comprehensive craft insurance at the best price for your epoxy resin art business, CraftCover is the right insurer for you.

We’ll learn all about your resin business to create the perfect, bespoke insurance package for you and your needs.

Get a free quote today or have a chat with our friendly team to discuss creating a resin art insurance policy.


How quickly will my craft insurance become active?

Your insurance policy will become active immediately after set up. Our quick and easy online service allows you to create your own craft policy and protect your business in minutes!

If you prefer, you can also contact us to discuss your policy and have us set it up for you. No matter what your current situation is, we’ll work to get your business protected and secured quickly and efficiently.

Do I need insurance to sell resin art online?

It isn’t compulsory to have insurance to sell resin art online or on an ecommerce marketplace. It’s key that you remember however, that you won’t be covered by the platform should an issue occur.

It is wise to have external insurance in place to protect you when selling online – our policy covers you when selling on all online platforms!

If you want to learn more about selling online, our detailed blog post discusses what insurance you will need to sell crafts online.

Do I need insurance to sell resin art on Etsy?

No, Etsy does not make it compulsory for sellers to have insurance; but just like we’ve already mentioned, it is really important to have insurance in place to protect your business from losing money due to legal costs, damages or loss.

What craft insurance do I need if I sell resin from home?

To sell resin from home, it is best that you get public and product liability insurance to protect your business and handmade goods. Our policy includes these as standard.

If you are considering teaching your craft and want to host resin art workshops and classes, we also offer craft class insurance.