Craft Workshop and Craft Class Insurance

Hosting craft workshops, classes and courses can be a lot of fun for both teacher and student. Many of our wonderful crafters offer valuable, cost-effective craft classes that allow students of varying experiences to learn new and exciting crafts.

It is so important however, to have the right level of cover in place when teaching crafts. If you are working directly with the public, you’ll need specific insurance in order to protect yourself and your business against injury, damages and as a result, legal action and large claims.

Luckily, CraftCover is here to help you!

What is craft workshop insurance?

Craft workshop insurance covers your business, goods and premises as a third party when teaching craft-related classes to members of the public. If you are running what is classed as a public, commercial activity then your duty of care applies to third parties.

At CraftCover, we can incorporate craft workshop and craft class insurance into your standard policy, meaning that you will be fully covered when making and selling goods as well as teaching your craft to others.

Do I need insurance if I am running a crafting class?

It is crucial that you ensure that the correct insurance is in place when hosting craft classes. If you don’t, you could be held liable if your students were to injure themselves, damage goods or equipment or create a hazard.

You could open yourself up to legal trouble and it may end up costing you a fortune attempting to settle any cases opened against you or paying for repairs to any damage caused or for the replacement of goods.

Craft class and workshop insurance is available to protect you against losses in the event of a claim or damages. Without craft cover, you could be liable if:

  • – A student has an accident causing damage to themselves, your goods or your premises
  • – A student causes a hazard that results in damage at a third party premises

What insurance do I need to run a craft workshop?

To run a fully protected craft workshop, you’ll need Public Liability Insurance. This type of cover will allow you to be covered from legal action and large costs due to damages.

The main areas of cover that you’ll need when working directly with the public are:

  • Personal injuries to members of the public
  • Loss of or damage to third party property
  • Death or disablement to the public

Product Liability Insurance will also protect you against compensation payouts if your products (or when directly teaching a craft class, a student’s product) causes damage or injury.

What cover is included in craft workshop insurance?

The crafting insurance at CraftCover is fully comprehensive, meaning that you can get all the types of cover you need under one simple policy and through one monthly payment.

Simply let us know, either over the phone or through our quote form, that you intend to teach your craft to members of the public in your workspace and we’ll discuss the costs of including craft workshop insurance to your policy.

FAQs about craft workshop insurance

Why do I need craft workshop insurance?

Craft workshop insurance allows you to teach your wonderful crafts to your students without any worry that you’ll be held liable for injuries or damages. Take a look at what types of craft we cover and get in touch if you teach a craft that isn’t listed and want workshop insurance.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your goods and workshop are protected – we’ll even do all of the hard work for you! Just get in touch and let us know that you want your craft classes insured.

We can add craft workshop insurance to your existing policy if you have one with us, or we can offer you full, comprehensive craft insurance that covers every aspect of making, selling and teaching crafts.

Do I need separate insurance if I am employed to teach craft classes?

This depends on your employer and how your employment and contract works. It’s best to speak with your employer or the organisation you teach for, to find out whether they have the correct crafting insurance in place to protect you and your students.

Typically, the organisers of the craft workshops or the owners of the host premises will be responsible for setting up adequate cover. Always check this first however, as it may be a part of your contract that you are responsible for having your own insurance in place.

Can I get craft workshop insurance if I teach crafting from my home?

Yes, our craft workshop insurance covers the host premises, whether this be in your own home, in a hired-out village hall or local church! Wherever you teach your crafts, simply let us know and we’ll make sure that you are fully covered.

Please note that if you host craft workshops at home, this may affect your home insurance if an incident occurs and you have previously failed to inform them of your classes.

Always let your home insurance providers know that you are hosting classes to members of the public in your home to secure the correct level of cover.