Candle Making & Wax Melts Insurance

At CraftCover we love crafters who put their heart and creativity into their products. Candle making and wax melt sales has grown massively within the UK in recent years, therefore the need for this type of specialist insurance is more important than ever before. We want to make sure that we cover you against incidents that may occur as you grow your candle or wax melt business.

What insurance do I need to sell candles or wax melts?

The level of insurance you require to cover you when selling candles or wax melts can vary, however our industry specific policy works to ensure all craft businesses are covered.

We recognise making candles and other craft products may seem like a hobby or a passion, not necessarily a business, but if you are selling your products you should definitely get insurance!

Our candle makers insurance will be tailored for you, whether you sell your products online, at craft fairs or via other channels we can work with you to ensure you get the best level of cover, protecting you against any potentially large legal costs and more.

Need to insure your products, premises and other equipment? No problem, complete our quick and easy online form today to generate your free quote.

Why do I need insurance to sell candles or wax melts?

Well, whether you sell your products online, at Craft Fairs, or you own a shop, it is imperative that you seek insurance. The reason for this is to make sure you are not financially liable if a customer gets into an incident with your product.

Accidents and incidents can happen at any moment so it’s always better to be covered rather than running the risk of coming under legal fire which could end up ruining your small business financially.

The method you use to sell your products could also affect why you need this insurance, some Craft Fairs will ask for proof of insurance before letting you trade and even some online craft websites may also ask for photographic evidence of your identification and insurance.

You can find out more about why you need insurance for your craft business here.

What is included in this Insurance?

Our policy has been tailored to suit candle makers, with care being taken regarding the use of naked flames around your products. Our policy covers the two main types of insurance that you’re most likely to need – Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers the claims made by members of the public for incidents that may arise from your business’s activities. When purchasing our Public Liability Insurance, you cover yourself against the cost of compensation for any damage or injury caused. For example, if you mopped the floor of your shop but you accidentally forgot to put the wet floor sign out, one of your customers slips over and injures themselves. They could then force legal action against you, and without insurance your business would be liable for these potentially huge costs. For more information click here.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance will cover the claims that could be made from the products you make within your business. If an incident occurs with your products and it causes damage or injury to a customer your insurance covers the legal costs to fight the claim, along with any compensation you may be required to provide.

For example, if you sell your candle to a customer at a stall, then once they get home they light it and the wax falls apart and burns their flooring, the customer may pursue a claim. In this instance, having no insurance could put your business in danger of financial collapse as these costs can quickly mount up. For more information click here.

One of our lovely clients, Stacey from Mother Naked Candles, created the video below breaking down her experiences with finding candle business insurance and why it is important for anyone selling candles online. Check it out below!


How much does this insurance cost?

The cost of this insurance will vary based on a range of factors including; the products you are making and selling, the location and size of your business, the level of cover you require and your excess cost.

We provide a professional, friendly service and will make sure you are covered accurately for an affordable price. Discuss your requirements with our team today, or get your free candle making insurance quote now.

When should I get my candle insurance?

There is no written rule that says when you should or shouldn’t buy your insurance. Here at CraftCover we strongly encourage all crafters to purchase insurance before you sell your first product. This is because accidents can occur at any point of your craft business, whether you sell your wax melts at home, or run a candle making stall at a market, we always advise you are covered for the worst possible scenario.

We understand you may only be a small business at the moment, and your insurance will reflect this, but it’s also the most critical point of your business journey, any claims made against you at this stage could potentially stop your business from growing and/or trading all together.

Our team of friendly experts will help navigate you through the process, whether it’s getting you started with your insurance policy or expanding your policy as your business grows. In fact, we’ve made it easy to amend or change any details of your policy mid term through our online facilities. We have you covered here at CraftCover.

How quickly will my insurance become active?

At CraftCover we know your schedule may be busy, the last thing we want our customers to do is sit around waiting for their insurance to become valid. That is why when you purchase our craft insurance, it will only take a couple of minutes and your insurance policy is valid straight away!

So, should you need to provide your insurance policy as evidence to attend a craft fair or event then you can get your quote and policy in minutes with Craftcover.

Do I need insurance to sell on Etsy?

Craft Insurance is not a requirement to sell on Etsy, however you should absolutely cover yourself and your business. Etsy, alongside other websites, aren’t responsible for any risks associated with your business or products, so it is really important that you transfer that risk onto an insurance broker like ourselves with a craft insurance policy suitable for your requirements. Keep your business covered with a dedicated candle makers insurance and carry on selling your products!

If I make candles from home do I still need insurance?

Yes, you should absolutely still get insurance. It’s highly unlikely you would be insured under your home insurance policy. So, if you are making and/or selling candles, wax melts, or other crafts from your home and any of these get damaged, or provide damage to others, you will not be covered, and could find yourself funding large legal expenses.

How do I get insurance to sell candles in the UK?

There’s a number of insurance brokers online that can provide you with quotes for candle making insurance. To ensure you get the best level of cover and price for your candle or wax melts business you’ve come to the best place, CraftCover!

We take the time to truly understand your business and ensure that you have a firm knowledge of the type of insurance you need in no time. We can then arrange your 12 month candle maker insurance policy instantly so that you can continue your craft activities fully insured.

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