Cosmetic business insurance

The market for handmade cosmetic products has grown considerably over the last few years, but has always been a much-loved area of crafting that many of our crafters are hugely passionate about.

Whether you create bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, body butter, moisturiser, soaps, oils or any other of the many types of bath and body related products, you need insurance to protect your business.

What insurance do I need for my cosmetics business?

Our detailed and comprehensive policies aim to cover all areas of crafts and will be a great fit for covering each individual product that is made, such as bath bombs, shower gels, soaps and oils, to name a few.

We will tailor your insurance package to your individual business and ensure that you are covered in all areas of your creative and sales processes. To ensure that you are protected against damages, legal costs and losses, you need crafting insurance.

If you deal with:

  • – Raw materials and ingredients that could cause allergies or a reaction;
  • – Equipment and/or products that could be dangerous, such as hot oils and wax, harmful chemicals and reactants or crafting knives;
  • – Expensive, valuable or important equipment and tools;
  • – The safe postage and packaging of products.

then it is crucial that you get appropriate craft insurance as soon as possible. We can provide a quick quote for you today when you fill out our simple form.

Why do I need insurance to sell cosmetics, bath and shower products?

Whether you sell your goods on online platforms, through your own site or at crafting fairs and events, having insurance will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your products will be protected.

Some events and craft fairs require their vendors to have appropriate insurance in place to ensure that any potential problems that may occur are covered. Our policies cover all crafting fairs and events you may attend.

Do I need insurance to sell bath bombs and soaps?

Unless you are attending a craft fair or event, you don’t technically need insurance to sell your handmade goods. Crafts like bath bombs and soaps however, do come with a greater risk due to the use of corrosive chemicals and risk of allergies.

For this reason, we would highly recommend having insurance in place should an issue involving yourself or the public occur.

What is included in cosmetics insurance?

Our cosmetics product insurance policy is tailored to suit all health and beauty related businesses, with emphasis on maintaining customer safety when using handmade products. The two main types of insurance that you will need, that are included in our comprehensive policy, are:

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers both you and your business from compensation costs due to injury to the public as a result of your products or business operations. These expenses can be significant and could exceed what most small businesses could afford, should they not have insurance.

The main risks that are covered by this type of insurance include: death and disablement of the public and loss of or damage to, third party property.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance will cover your products in production, supply and sale. If any issues arise as a direct result of your products, processes and/or packaging, you will be covered should any unwanted costs, legal or personal, occur.

Types of crafts our cosmetics insurance covers
With our cosmetics insurance, we cover a large range of crafts. Some of the most common types of cosmetics crafts we see, and cover, are:

  • – Bath Bomb Making
  • – Soap Making
  • – Hair, Nail and Beauty Products and Services
  • – Skincare Products
  • – Bath Salts, Scrubs, Oils and Lotions
  • – Shower Products


How much does cosmetic business insurance cost?

The cost of crafting insurance is based on a lot of different factors. These factors could include:

  • – What products you make and sell
  • – The ingredients and equipment or tools you use
  • – The size and location of your business
  • – Your excess costs
  • – The extent to which you want your business to be covered

At CraftCover, our team will discuss these areas with you and learn about your specific business and needs, effectively ensuring that you get the best policy with the most necessary cover, for the right price.

When should I get insurance for my cosmetics business?

We will always emphasise the importance of craft insurance for your business, and how this is best implemented early on in the creation of your business, large or small. Issues can occur at all different stages, so immediate cover is always your best option.

Protect the future of your business and update your insurance policy as you grow, with CraftCover.

How quickly will my insurance become active?

Your insurance policy will be active and valid immediately upon approval. It may only take a few minutes to set up too! Through our simple online form or by chatting to one of our team members about your business needs, we can get a tailored and comprehensive policy set up for you.

We can also have all of your policy paperwork sent over as soon as you incept cover. This means that if you are attending a crafting event and need to prove you are covered, we can sort this for you quickly and with ease.

Do I need insurance to make and sell bath products and cosmetics at home?

No matter whether you create your bath and body products at home, in an art studio or in a garden shed, we will always recommend that you get the right crafting insurance set up in order to thoroughly protect your goods, equipment and workspace.

Many people have home insurance in place, but not everybody realises that you may not be covered if a problem relating to your craft business happens. Working with dangerous equipment, like when melting ingredients for soaps or wax melts and candles, can increase your risk of damage in the home.

If you want to protect your workspace from damage, you’ll need specific craft insurance on top of your regular home insurance.

How do I get insurance for my cosmetics business in the UK?

You can get specifically tailored, cosmetic oriented insurance for your crafting business with CraftCover. We will spend time working with you to learn about all of the necessary details of your business in order to effectively cover each aspect.

Use our free quote form to see what full coverage crafting insurance could cost for you, or get in touch with our team to discuss your options and get your cosmetics business a great insurance policy.