What Insurance Do I Need For My Jewellery Making Business?

If you make or sell jewellery then we have affordable insurance policies for you. We cover a wide range of craft businesses, whatever the size, to create a suitable policy as industry experts.

Why Do I Need Insurance To Make & Sell Jewellery?

Whether you are a startup jewellery business or have years of experience making and selling bespoke jewellery, you will need to seek insurance. As with any business, insurance is an essential expense to protect you should things go wrong.

Unfortunately, accidents and/or incidents happen, which could leave your business in a vulnerable state. Without the right level of cover your business may not be able to overcome the situation, after all of the hard work you have put in. Whilst these things don’t happen often, the risk is always there. Should you find yourself facing a claim, having experts on hand to manage and deal with it to get your business back up and running as soon as possible is what matters.

Naturally, jewellery businesses are at greater risk of theft and damage as they are often responsible for high value products. If you make and sell jewellery with a lower end price tag, you are likely to still have volumes of stock, tools and items that are of value to the running of your business, and that could potentially damage another person.

We know jewellery making is an enormous part of the UK’s craft industry, so our policies can cover gold, silver, other semi-precious metals, costumes and body jewellery.

So, whatever the type of jewellery you sell, either online or offline, having the right level of cover will protect you, your business and potential customers.

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What Is Included In This Type Of Insurance?

There are a number of different types of jewellery makers insurance that can make up your bespoke policy, covering you depending upon your needs. Some of which are actually a legal requirement here in the UK, such as employers’ liability insurance.

Whether you sell your products online or in-person at a shop, product liability insurance will be required to cover you should a customer be injured directly because of one of your products. Should a customer claim your product is responsible, your insurance will cover legal fees and any compensation required.

Public liability insurance also goes hand in hand. Should a customer get injured or damage to a property is made in connection with your business, you will be covered. This essentially expands further than just your product, focusing on anything related to your business. For example, if someone tripped over a cable in your store. This type of insurance is typically essential if you are looking to exhibit at an event or craft fair.

If your jewellery business holds further risk such as storing high value tools, precious items are stored or used onsite, or you offer training programmes or crafting classes, then you should also consider insurance for these aspects of your business. Just ensure you explain your business thoroughly and its offerings in the quote stage to ensure an appropriate level of cover is made based on specific risks.

Things To Consider When Taking Out Jewellery Makers Insurance

As an overall rule of thumb, make sure you read and fully understand the policy you are taking out. If there are any small print or finer details that you aren’t sure about then query it and be confident that you are getting the right level of cover for your business.

Here’s a few more things to consider;

  1. We often get asked ‘Do I need Insurance to sell on Etsy, eBay, Amazon Handmade, or other known websites?’, and the simple answer is yes! Whilst it isn’t always clear on the sites themselves whether having insurance is a requirement, without it you are putting your business at unnecessary risk. If you are selling products that are handmade then you should seek insurance. As craft insurance experts we will guide you through the process to get the right level of cover you need.

  2. Whether you prefer to speak to a team member, or follow our easy online quoting process, is it very important you are honest about the information you provide and clearly address and identify all of the risks open to your business, to ensure the cover is suitable for you.

  3. If you are unsure, speak to an experienced, industry-specific insurance broker, like ourselves, for more information and advice. As crafters ourselves, we have tailored insurance policies that truly work for jewellery makers, and the likes.


Do I need Insurance if I make and sell jewellery from home?

In the first instance, you should speak to your home insurance provider to discuss your new business venture. Most providers will not cover you for business items in your home, regardless of having content insurance.

We understand you may consider making and selling your jewellery a hobby, or as a startup you may think you don’t really need it yet, but if you are directly selling your products you are putting yourself at risk of a potential claim and should therefore ensure you have insurance to protect you and your business. Ensuring it is built on the best foundations possible for a sustainable future.

Do I need Insurance to sell jewellery at a craft fair?

Most craft fairs and events will require evidence of your insurance policy. Therefore, we would advise you to take out your cover at the earliest possible time. Both public and product liability will be important in this situation as a minimum.

Get expert advice from one of our friendly team members to get the right policy for your needs, or get a quote online today.