One Off Craft Fair Insurance

Craft fairs in the UK are usually an all year round occasion, but if you only plan on going to two or three, you may not want to pay for a full year’s worth of cover.

At CraftCover, we have specifically designed a 3-day craft fair insurance policy, only covering you for the days that you need it.

One off craft stall insurance

If you are new to craft fairs in the UK, you may not realise that you are more than likely to require proof of insurance before you start selling your products.

However, if you are planning to go to your first ever craft fair, you may not want to commit to having craft fair insurance that will cover you for the whole year. This is why at CraftCover, we have developed a specific 3-day craft fair insurance policy, alongside our usual annual policy cover.

The short term cover provides you the necessary Public Liability cover to sell at fairs or exhibitions, but it will only cover you for up to 3 days of trading.

This policy is perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the world of craft fairs, but don’t want to commit to a craft fair policy for a full year.

Public liability insurance for a 3 day craft stall

Whether you currently have craft insurance or not, having public liability insurance when attending craft fairs is often mandatory.

At CraftCover, we can provide this cover in our 3-day craft stall insurance.

Public liability insurance is a must since you will be interacting with the public. With this insurance, you and your business will be covered from legal compensation costs that may arise due to injury or damage caused as a result of your products or business operations.

The difference between daily and annual craft insurance policies

The difference between daily and annual craft insurance policies is that daily policies will only cover for the specific days you need them, whereas annual will cover you for the whole year.

For example, if you only plan on going to a few craft fairs a year, you may only want to pay for craft fair insurance on these specific days since you know you won’t be going to any others.

However, the great thing with daily craft insurance policies is that you can add on days as and when you wish. For instance, if you’ve made a last minute decision to attend a craft fair, our 3 day policy can be bought instantly online, so you’ll be legally insured and ready to start trading.

For those new to crafting, a 3-day policy for your first fair may be a good place to start. Then, if your stall has been a success and you’d like to continue growing your business, you can think about moving onto our annual policy to cover you both in and out of craft events.

One day craft fair and craft stall insurance

We know that some craft fairs only last one day, and many sellers will only be required for one day. Whilst many insurers will cover you for this single day, our 3 day policy ensures that you’re covered for initial stall set up and taking down across the surrounding days, as well as your full day of trading.

There are also a lot of fairs which will last a full weekend and sometimes, which is why we offer 3 days of craft stall insurance. With 3 days of cover, it gives you the flexibility to set up your stall the day or night before, as well as covering you for a full weekend’s worth of selling if you decide to stay for the full time.