Product Liability Insurance

CraftCover provides products liability insurance as part of our standard policy. This kind of cover protects you against compensation pay-outs if any of your products cause damage or injury.

Products liability insurance covers the goods you make, those you supply and those you sell. This also includes any repair, service or maintenance works that you may undertake. As such, we feel that it is an integral part of a quality craft insurance policy due to the nature of your handmade products. Creative companies in the handmade industry mostly sell crafted items to the public, and this cover protects those businesses from potentially large pay-outs if something goes wrong.

The cover automatically includes associated legal costs like solicitors’ fees, legal and litigation expenses, damages awarded and claimant’s costs. These are all expenditures which your business, or you personally would otherwise be legally liable for. Claims of these type can produce very large awards so this type of cover is invaluable.

CraftCover provides a minimum limit of indemnity of £2m. You also have the option to increase this limit to £5m, covering your business as it grows.