Ceramics and Pottery Making Insurance

We see many talented crafters creating beautiful pieces of ceramics and pottery, and we want to ensure that those goods are well protected by the right insurance policy.

Whether you create mugs, vases, plant pots or ornaments, you’ll need a great policy from CraftCover to protect your hard work.

What insurance do ceramic and pottery makers need?

Our industry-specific craft policies ensure that every aspect of your ceramic and pottery business is covered and protected where necessary. We will tailor your insurance policy to your specific business – we could include cover for your pottery studio or insure you for attending craft fairs, whatever you may need.

At CraftCover, we can provide our brilliant crafters with sufficient cover that protects them, their business and their handmade goods from damages, legal costs and much more.

If you work with:

  • Delicate materials (such as ceramics)
  • Potentially harmful materials (such as clay, paint and glosses)
  • Potentially dangerous equipment (such as blades or ovens)

It is crucial that you get adequate crafting insurance for your ceramics and pottery business as soon as possible to best protect yourself and your hard work.

Why do I need insurance for my ceramic and pottery business?

You need crafting insurance to protect your business and your goods. Not only this, but many crafting bodies that oversee craft fairs and craft shows will insist that you have insurance in place before you can trade.

Our comprehensive policy covers all crafting fairs and events that you may wish to attend. You can read more about why you need craft insurance for your business within our detailed blog post.

What is included in pottery making insurance?

There are two main types of insurance that you need when making and selling pottery and ceramics. These are:

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers your business from legal compensation costs that may arise due to public injury as a result of your products or business operations. In order to avoid the significant costs these issues could bring, you’ll need our comprehensive policy to cover your craft business.

The main risks that are covered by this type of insurance include: death and disablement of the public and loss of or damage to, third party property.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance covers your products through production, then supply and sale. You will again be protected from unwanted and extensive costs should an issue occur as a result of your goods, processes and/or packaging.

Insurance for a pottery studio

With our comprehensive policy, we can cover up to 2 business premises on one plan. If you have a separate pottery studio or a shop where you sell your handmade goods, we can cover you both at home and at your workspace.

We understand that those who craft and sell pottery may own expensive equipment, such as a pottery wheel. That’s why, with our contents insurance as a part of our main policy, we can protect your equipment and ensure that your business can continue to run smoothly.


How much does ceramics and pottery making insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance policy depends on a few factors. These could include:

  • – The type of products that you craft and sell
  • – The amount of equipment and materials you have, and how much they all cost
  • – Your business size and location
  • – Your excess costs

We will chat to you about your business and your specific insurance requirements to ensure that you can have the most suitable policy in place that meets your budget.

Do I still need insurance if I sell ceramics and pottery from home?

We would always recommend that you get insurance, whether you sell your goods in a large shop or from home on an online platform. Problems can occur at any time, whether this is due to an incident that damages your goods, such as a flood, or a product that harms a customer.

There are many areas that crafters need to pay close attention to in order to sell their crafts legally and not encounter damaging legal costs. Getting adequate insurance is vital to ensuring the protection of your business.

How quickly will my insurance become active?

Your insurance will become active immediately upon approval. This often only takes a few minutes to set up! Through our simple form or by calling us for a chat, you can have your cover valid and active in no time.

We will also send your policy paperwork over to you as soon as your cover is valid, meaning that you can attend craft fairs with adequate proof of insurance.