Craft Fair Insurance

CraftCover provides comprehensive craft fair insurance options bespoke to your business. Our policies are designed specifically for crafters and are ideal for your small craft business. We know that attending craft fairs and other events comes with its own set of risks and worries. CraftCover has built the perfect policy for your craft business at the right price.

If you attend craft fairs in the UK and throughout the EU, you’ll notice that many organisers require proof of insurance before they allow you to sell your products. Often, they will need proof of your Public and Products Liability cover up to a certain limit of indemnity. At CraftCover, we understand these pressures and make sure that your policy documents are easy to access and email to fair organisers. By doing this, we save you both time and effort!

Whereas many insurers limit the number of fairs you can attend, CraftCover automatically covers you for an unlimited number throughout the year. This includes attendances at craft exhibitions, shows and fairs in the UK and across the EU.

The flexible nature of our insurance policy makes us the perfect choice for small craft companies. When attending craft fairs and other events, it’s mandatory to possess Public and Products Liability cover. We provide this service automatically and can also provide additional cover options. Talk to our team if you’re interested in adding extras, like stock and equipment cover, at craft fairs. This service also includes cover for your goods and equipment whilst in transit to and from the fair as well as Loss of Money for up to £1000.

At CraftCover, we specialise in providing bespoke insurance for craft companies in the UK. If you attend craft fairs and wish to insure your business, please use our online quotation service or contact us to talk to a member of our team.

Craft Fair Insurance FAQs

Do I need insurance to sell at craft fairs?

No, you can also sell your craft online via social media, your own website or marketplace websites. Most craft fairs will ask for evidence of insurance, however, so it is a good idea to make sure you are covered.

Do you provide one-day public liability insurance for a craft fair?

We don’t provide this cover, we only provide a 12 month policy. Our minimum premium is £67.20 subject to the information entered into our quote system. It is a good idea to invest in insurance as you will then be covered for future events that may crop up at short notice.