Craft Fair Insurance

CraftCover provides comprehensive craft fair insurance options bespoke to your business. Our policies are designed specifically for crafters and are ideal for any type of craft business.

We know that attending craft fairs and shows and having your own stall comes with its own set of risks and worries. CraftCover has built the perfect policy for your craft business, all for the right price.

Insurance for UK craft fairs and shows

If you attend craft fairs in the UK, you’ll notice that most organisers require proof of insurance before they allow you to sell your products. Often, they will need proof of your Public and Products Liability cover, up to a certain limit of indemnity.
We understand these pressures and therefore, we ensure that your policy documents are easy to access and email to fair organisers. By doing this, we save you both time and effort!

Whereas many insurers limit the number of fairs you can attend, CraftCover automatically covers you for an unlimited number throughout the year. This includes attendance to craft exhibitions, shows and fairs around the UK.

Do I need public liability insurance for a craft fair?

When attending craft fairs and craft shows, it’s mandatory to possess Public and Products Liability cover. We provide this service automatically and can also provide additional cover options should you need them.

The flexible nature of our insurance policy makes us the perfect choice for small and large craft companies.

If you’re interested in adding extras, like:

  • Stock and equipment cover;
  • Cover for your goods and equipment whilst in transit to and from the fair;
  • Loss of Money for up to £1000.

Speak with one of our team members today to find out more about what we can offer you and your craft business, no matter what size

Craft Show and Exhibition Insurance

We love craft shows and exhibitions. They are a fantastic way of showcasing your crafts and talents to both the public and craft industry. By attending these shows, you can gain great publicity and get your craft business noticed.

Not only do the industry’s leaders frequently attend craft shows, they’re also a great place to check out other people’s ideas and get inspiration.

At CraftCover, we can provide your handmade business with great-value craft show insurance to protect you against potential losses. We provide a policy that covers you while you are there and whilst you are at your home or workshop, as well as when travelling to and from the show.

We don’t place a limit on the number of craft shows you can attend. We understand that shows are an integral part of the UK craft industry, so we purposefully avoid placing limits on permitted attendances. We even provide cover for your crafts at shows throughout the EU!

Craft Stall Insurance

If you’re a regular stallholder at shows and other events, CraftCover can provide you with expert craft stall insurance.

Our streamlined online system keeps your stall policy documents available so that you can quickly and easily email them to event organisers before setting up your stall.

Craft fair insurance for stallholders

Any stallholder at a crafting event should be aware of the potential risks to their products and the general public when selling crafts. If a member of the public is injured by your stall or has an issue with your products, they may take legal action against you.

With CraftCovers craft fair insurance, you and your stall will be protected against any incident and can enjoy the event knowing that your craft business is thoroughly protected.

Craft Fair Insurance FAQs

My event starts tomorrow, can your craft fair insurance cover it?

Yes it can! Our policies can be set up really quickly, ensuring that you are covered for any event you may want to attend. Either fill in our online form or get your policy started asap over the phone with us.

Your documents will be emailed over to you as soon as the process is complete, meaning that you will have all the information readily available for craft fair event managers to verify. Now go and get that craft stall set up!

What other craft insurance policies do you offer?

Our craft insurance policy is comprehensive and combines many other aspects of making and selling crafts – this is so that we can ensure that all sizes of craft businesses can be thoroughly protected. These include:

Public Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

A specialist member of the CraftCover team will discuss your requirements with you to best understand your business and its needs. We will aim to find out relevant details that can help us to tailor a policy directly to you – we’ll learn about the products you create and the potential risks associated with this craft.

Do you provide one day public liability insurance for craft fairs?

Yes, we have a specific 3-day craft fair insurance policy available, as well as our usual annual policy cover.

The short term cover provides you the necessary Public Liability cover to sell at fairs or exhibitions, but will cover you for up to 3 days of trading.

Insurance for your craft stall at craft fairs and shows

Our policy covers every aspect of crafting, so no matter whether you attend a friendly craft fair, a professional craft exhibition or have a stall at a dedicated craft show, we’ve got you covered. It’s so much easier having one bespoke policy rather than juggling multiple, so let us cover you today.

If you regularly attend craft fairs and shows – or wish to start doing so – and want to fully protect your business, please use our free online quotation service or contact us to talk to a member of our team

Our easy-to-use online quote system is fully automated to give you a great price on the spot. You can even purchase your policy right there and then, giving you peace of mind the next time you set up your craft stall!