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2023 Craft Predictions | CraftCover

As we close off 2022 and look to the future, we can’t help but wonder what crafts will be huge in 2023!

This year was certainly the year of the wax melts – most of our enquiries this year were for that category.

With the cost of living increasing, will people be turning to DIY rather than buying homeware or clothing? Perhaps we’ll see more people buying from small craft businesses rather than large conglomerates?

We decided to ask a few crafters what they think the trends will be next year – take a read below.

Philip Wall, our Managing Director

The largest crafting categories that continue to show steady growth for our client base are in the jewellery, wax melts, diffusers and candle sectors.

One area that is growing the quickest in our client base is the sublimation sector. The availability and the cost of equipment which allows you to transfer designs onto various items at home is far more accessible and much cheaper than it has been in the past, meaning more and more crafters are moving into this area.

Products range from coasters to t-shirts and pretty much everything inbetween. It allows the artesian designers out there to be able to express themselves and produce products without having to rely on third party companies. We therefore see that this will be a good growth area in the industry for 2023.

Charlotte Peacock, Co-Owner of Twin Made

I think Craft Trends in 2023 will be ones to combat the rising cost of living and how people can save money! This could include:

– Making clothes from thrifted fabric – blankets, duvet covers and more found in charity shops, auction sites and scrap stores with the added embellishments of slow fashion, by painting or decorating the fabric.

– Making cloth pads, sourcing fabric from around the house. This is something I teach workshops on alongside Silly Panda.

– Traditional crafts will continue to rise in popularity, such as crochet, knitting and needlepoint with the twist of how it works, such as moving elements to create something a little different.

– Where to source craft kits is also going to get unusual in 2023 – we have an art and craft kit vending machine which can be found in a cafe bar in Cardiff! I can see lots more appearing around the UK.

Loren Quimbo, Founder of Crafty Insights

As a passionate crafter, 2023 is the year of resin craft! Why? It’s simple – resin crafts are beautiful, easy to customise, and highly durable. Resin can be used to create a variety of stunning art pieces and decor items, as well as functional items such as coasters, jewellery, miniatures, and more.

With the right supplies and creativity, you can create unique objects that will last for years. Nowadays, people are more aware of the environment and are conscious of how their actions help to minimise pollution – resin crafting means less waste because it’s made from renewable materials.

And since resin crafts are easy to customise and mix and match, you can create something unique! So if you’re looking for a unique way to spruce up this 2023, look no further than resin craft!

Tom Fraser, Principal at The Chippendale International School of Furniture

I predict that the craft trends of 2023 will be as follows:

Multifunctional furniture will remain popular as many people continue to work from home or work flexibly. Plus, housing market changes mean people may downsize or stay put so need spaces to be as flexible as possible to accommodate changing needs (growing family, WFH etc.)

Buying bespoke = buying better – buying furniture from furniture makers is more sustainable, longer lasting, and supports small businesses

Sustainability remains key – consumers want to know the eco-credentials of what they are buying

Warm woods matched with earthy tones will continue to be in demand, and we may see less beige/grey tones as these hues fall out of favour

Some consumers will convert offices into hobby rooms – like music rooms or crafting spaces – great for mindfulness and getting offline

Nostalgic design will be popular (in the recession) but will become more sophisticated takes on retro-inspired pieces

Arches and curves will continue to be sought after for softening spaces and adding interest and architectural accents

Bespoke kitchens – as more people seek to open up space while making sure they have a kitchen that will work for them, now and in future years (fewer people moving house due to recession)

Samantha Hoff, Founder of Pottery With a Purpose

Slow crafts that are meditative, encourage mindfulness and have a limited impact on the planet or help to tackle waste by repurposing it are going to be big in 2023. Consumers are more environmentally conscious, and reusing materials helps save money and the economy when the economy is going down the drain!

Think pottery, knitting, sewing your own clothing, repurposing old quilts and afghans into coats and ponchos. These crafts also enable you to create one-of-a-kind personalised home decor, clothing and accessories that show your personality.

Laura Burton, Blogger at Mom Envy

Resin rose to popularity in 2022 and I think it will only become more popular in 2023. Crafters have found so many unique uses for resin from custom tumblers, to jewellery, to coasters, to home decor, and even custom charcuterie boards.

Plus, resin has allowed crafters to be able to put their crafting machines (Cricuts and Silhouettes) to good use by creating custom vinyl decals and stickers to embed in their resin for an extra special, custom result.

Rebecca Farris, Owner of Fairy Crafty Creations

I believe 2023 is going to flood with sewing, crocheting, and knitting. There’s a nostalgia about needlecraft that Gen-X and Millennials have embraced, and I’m seeing even kids as young as eight years old creating some wonderful handmade work. I’m getting more requests for kids’ crochet classes than ever before!

Learning how to knit and sew requires a lot of skills, from hand coordination to concentration and maths! One of the important pieces is to learn to read the patterns, which so many people don’t know how to do. Take advantage of those in your friends and family circle who know how to sew (or knit or crochet) and ask them questions, or find your local crafting lady. We love to share our knowledge!