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What Insurance Do You Need to Run a Craft Workshop?

Starting a craft workshop is a great way to share your love and passion for a specific craft. However, before you dive into hosting, it is essential you have the right level of insurance in place to protect you and your business.

Do I need insurance to host your own workshops?

Yes, you will need insurance if you’re planning on hosting your own craft workshop. Since you will be working with third parties, it is important that you and your business are protected if an unforeseen accident or damages were to happen.

Without the right insurance in place, you run the risk of being held liable for these claims, which could cause huge financial losses for your business.

Is it a legal requirement to have craft workshop insurance?

Whilst having craft workshop insurance is not a legal requirement, it is crucial you ensure that you have adequate insurance in place to protect yourself and your business.

Without this insurance, you could open yourself up to a lot of legal trouble and it may end up costing you a fortune trying to settle any cases opened against you.

Without the right insurance, you could be held liable for the following:

  • A student has an accident causing damage to themselves, equipment, your good or your premises
  • A student causes a hazard that results in damage to a third party property

What insurance do I need to run a craft workshop?

To run a workshop and be fully protected, you will need Public Liability Insurance which will ensure you are covered from legal action and large costs due to damages.

Since you’ll be working with the public, the main areas that this type of insurance covers are:

  • Injuries to members of the public
  • Death or disablement of the public
  • Loss or damage to third party property

Product Liability Insurance is also another type of insurance you could use. This insurance will protect you against compensation costs if your products cause damage or injury, even when directly teaching a craft workshop.

Do I need different insurance if I run a craft workshop from home?

If you are still in direct contact with the public, even if you run a workshop from home, we still highly recommend you invest in Public Liability Insurance.

However, you should be aware that if you host craft workshops from home, it may affect your home insurance if an incident occurs and you have previously failed to inform your home insurance provider of your classes.

Why it is important to get insurance for your craft workshop and classes

Craft workshop insurance allows you to teach your students with peace of mind knowing you will be protected if an accident was to occur.

Having the right insurance in place, depending on your policy, can cover you against accidents in your working environment, as well as injury, illness or damage caused by your working practices or from members of the public.

At CraftCover, we can include craft workshop insurance alongside your annual policy. Our craft workshop insurance is comprehensive, meaning that you can get all the types of cover you need under one convenient policy.

What else do I need to run a craft workshop?

Other things you should consider for your craft workshop is what type of craft you’d like to teach. Focusing on trending crafts is a great way to attract people to your workshop, as well as more niche crafts too.

Once you’ve established what craft you’d like to teach at your workshop, you should next move onto planning the creative workshop. We have a dedicated guide on how to host a craft workshop which is full of useful tips and advice on how to successfully run your first one!