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How to Start a Pet Craft Business

With more and more of the UK looking for unique pet products, starting a pet craft business is certainly a viable business option.

Whether you make pet treats, lead and collars or pet beds, it’s important that you have a great policy in place to protect your business.

Is a pet craft business profitable?

Yes, if you’re willing to put in the hard work, starting a pet craft business can be extremely profitable.

Like starting any business, it’s important to keep in mind that it will take a lot of hard work and time to make the profit you’re looking for.

What is a pet craft business?

Some of the most common types of pet craft businesses include:

    • Pet food and treats
    • Pet clothes and accessories
    • Pet toys
    • Pet beds
    • Pet bowls
    • Gadgets for pets
    • Grooming accessories
    • Accessories for owners, such as bags


    How much does it cost to start a pet craft business?

    Generally speaking, the costs of starting a pet craft business will vary depending on the type of crafts you make.

    For businesses that make crafts such as pet leads and collars, the start up costs may be higher due to the type of materials needed. Finding the right suppliers and negotiating on the right prices are crucial for small or new craft businesses.

    Our ultimate guide to starting a craft business goes into more detail about setting up your new venture.

    What equipment do you need for a pet craft business?

    The type of equipment you need will vary depending on the type of crafts you plan on making.

    If you are looking to make pet clothes and accessories, you will more than likely need equipment such as a sewing machine and sewing accessories, as well as a variety of different materials.

    If you plan on making pet food and treats, you could rely on the equipment you already have in your kitchen, such as the oven and fridge. However, you may want to buy items such as specialist moulds, or pieces of equipment like freeze dry machines.

    Ceramics such as dog water and food bowls may be more up your street, in which you will likely need specialist equipment like clay, drying racks and clay tools.

    The legal side of selling pet crafts

    When you’re starting a pet craft business, it is vital that you get the legal side sorted straight away.

    Whether you are a sole trader, or you have a business with a few employees, it is so important you have the right level of cover to ensure you are protected should a claim be made against you.

    As a new business, you will also need to deal with HMRC. It is important that you register yourself as self-employed, so you can correctly pay your taxes.

    How to protect your pet craft business

    At CraftCover, we can provide you with specialist pet craft insurance to protect your and your business. Our policies include the two of the most important forms of cover, Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance.

    Public Liability Insurance

    Public Liability Insurance covers your business from legal compensation costs that may arise due to members of the public or pets being injured as a result of your products or business operations.

    The main risks that are covered by this type of insurance include: death and disablement of the public and/or loss or damage to third party property.

    Product Liability Insurance

    Product Liability Insurance covers your products through production, supply and sale. You will be protected against extensive costs should an issue occur as a result of your goods, processes and/or packaging.

    Where to sell handmade pet crafts

    There are a number of great places you can sell your pet crafts, including:

    For more ideas on where to sell your pet crafts, head over to our comprehensive guide on where to sell handmade crafts.

    How can you promote your pet craft business?

    One of the best ways to promote your pet craft business is through the use of social media. Using Instagram, Facebook and TikTok is a great way to maximise your online presence. You should be posting about the things you’re making, the pets enjoying your products and any next and exciting products that you may be coming out with.

    You can also take advantage of starting to advertise in your local community. You could ask if anyone local with pets is willing to participate in some brand advertising and share the word of your products.

    Starting a new craft business with CraftCover

    If you’re considering starting your own pet craft business, CraftCover can provide you with a fully comprehensive insurance plan to make sure you are fully protected should a claim be made against your business.

    We know how stressful starting a new business can be, which is why we handle the legal side for you. Whether you work from home, have a small team or plan on attending multiple craft fairs, we’ve got you covered.

    Contact our team today to see how we can help your craft business.