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What to Sell at a Summer Craft Fair

Summer is the perfect time of the year to attend craft fairs if you are wanting to increase your sales and get your products out there in front of the public.

If you’re new to the craft fair scene, we’ve put some tips together to help you decide what to sell to keep your profits high.

What sells the most at a summer craft fair?

There are a variety of different craft goods that are always a hit at summer craft fairs, including:

What are the most profitable crafts to sell at fairs?

Some crafts are more profitable to make and sell at craft fairs than others due to their low production costs. For example, soaps can be made for relatively cheap since a lot of the ingredients can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices.

Although there isn’t a wonder-product that’s guaranteed to be profitable, there are types of crafts that tend to be more profitable than others.

Typically the most profitable crafts by industry are:

  • Wedding accessories
  • Health and beauty
  • Home and garden decor
  • Seasonal decor
  • Pet accessories
  • Baby gifts and accessories

The best things to sell at a summer craft fair

To increase your sales at summer craft fairs, it’s a good idea to align your products with the season and cater to the type of demographic who will be visiting the type of fair you’re at.

Summer apparel and accessories

Designing and selling lightweight clothing and accessories that are ideal for the hot summer months is a great way to increase your sales. Things like caps, hats and sunglasses are a great way to quickly entice people to your stall, especially if you’re selling on a hot day!

Kids clothing is always a winner too, especially if they are designed with colourful prints and designs.

Handmade Jewellery

Creating handmade, unique jewellery inspired by summer themes and motifs is extremely trendy, and the style continues to come back each year. Shells, pearls, sea glass and sea creatures are all different types of themes that will entice a number of different buyers, from teens to those much older.

Types of jewellery can include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and other body jewellery and charms too.

Beach accessories

Handmade tote bags, towels and anything sustainably made that won’t cause any harm to beach environments are great for those who are looking to be more sustainable. Consider including fun patterns, colours and durable designs to make them suitable for outdoor use.

Natural skin care products

With many beauty consumers looking for more natural products to help their skin and the environment, selling natural skin care products can be extremely profitable. Think about using seasonal scents, like citrus, and creating refreshing products that will help summer skin issues like sunburn and heat rashes.

Outdoor decorations

Being in the garden during the summer is a must for those up and down the UK, which is why creating unique and stylish outdoor decorations and products can be extremely profitable.

Think about making items like planters, ornaments, wind chimes and even outdoor glassware and plates.

Handmade candles and fragrances

Handmade candles and reed diffusers with refreshing scents inspired by summer such as citrus, coconut or tropical fruits are always popular during the summer months. Outdoor candles are extremely popular too, especially if they come in a beautifully designed jar or pot.