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The great thing about working with people from the craft industry is that we get to meet people with such a variety of hobbies and interests, as well as personalities! And one area of crafts that we love, not just to insure but also involve in our Crafter in the Spotlight, is makers of food and other tasty treats.


This month, we spoke one of the faces behind FabFudge, Josh Kility. They are a small family business that create more than 15 flavours of dairy-free fudge. “We pride ourselves in providing dairy-free treats in the form of fudge and many more creations in the future!”

The handmade company was set up back in 2016 by fudge-enthusiast Jill. It started off as a hobby where Jill made delicious fudge for her family and friends until one friend suggested making FabFudge into a business.

“And now here we are 2 years later making over 15 flavours of Dairy Free fudge all in the aid of Jill’s Multiple Sclerosis fundraising campaign.”

FabFudge’s founder Jill suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and all profit that they make goes towards her treatment. Josh told us: “Over the past 2 years since FabFudge was founded, we have also been fundraising for Jill’s treatment.”

“The aim was to reach $50,000 so Jill could have her treatment in Russia, however, we didn’t raise enough money in time. That means plans have had to change and now Jill is heading to India in September for her treatment.”

FabFudge make fudge in a wide range of flavours, from classics like vanilla and rum with raisin to confectionary favourites like oreo and cream egg! The inspiration for flavours comes from “the usual fudge flavours” which they put their own personal twist on.

“After some time, we were getting lots of suggestions from customers. This made us think about more creative flavours and that really has been our main inspiration.”

With so many mouthwatering flavours to choose from, we were wondering which is the most popular with customers. “At the moment, our best-selling fudge is our Dairy Free Creme Egg Fudge, followed by our Vegan Baileys Almande Fudge!”

“We aren’t surprised because these flavours really are delicious!”

One thing we noticed about FabFudge is that they offer fudge for everyone, so whether you want vegan-friendly, vegetarian, gluten free, they will definitely have something for you.

And if you’re vegan or lactose-intolerant, there’s some very good news for you! The dairy-free range has become so popular that all of their products are now dairy-free.

If none of the current flavours grab your attention, don’t worry! They also do custom orders which means you can create any flavour your heart desires, or even place a bulk order for a party or event!

It doesn’t look like FabFudge are going to slow down anytime soon. In the next few months they will be expanding their vegan fudge range, creating new flavours and also getting their fudge into more shops and retail outlets.

If one thing’s for certain, our interview with FabFudge definitely made us hungry! We had one final question, before the sweet tooth got the better of us.

We asked why insurance is important for craft businesses that make and sell food to have insurance. Josh told us: “It’s always important to have cover just in case the unthinkable happens!”

“If someone tries one of your products and suddenly becomes ill, you need cover for that. Or if you’re at a market and your stall falls over for example, you need cover for that too.”

“But you also need cover for loss of stock due to various circumstances. It’s important to cover the unexpected, as you never know when it might happen!”

If you fancy treating yourself, head over to FabFudge’s website to see the lovely fudge that they have available.