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Heart Handmade UK

The Craftcover team recently got the opportunity to speak to one of our favourite crafters, Claire Donovan. She is the creative mind behind Heart Handmade UK, which is an online blog covering everything from DIY tutorials to free craft resources.

The first thing that we were keen to find out about was why she got into crafts. She explained to us that after graduating from university, she completed a crafty course. Claire decided that this was much more than a hobby and something she wanted to pursue as a career. In 2009, she started Heart Handmade UK, which now has more than 20k followers on Instagram and over 1 million on Pinterest.

When it comes to the types of crafts she wants to write about on her blog, Claire said she “doesn’t have a favourite.” However, she often looks for ways to make her home look nice on a budget, which is something that we can all relate to!

With so many resources out there, we wondered how Claire selected her next craft project. She told us that “DIY projects tend to find” her. Once she sees something she likes she will then go and look for similar images so that she can figure out how it’s made.

Once she has found something that she likes the look of, she then heads over to Google images and Pinterest to research further.

Her favourite craft essentials include glue sticks, paint brushes, lots of different coloured paints and of course, a glue gun! “A basic sewing kit is another thing that every crafter should have and is a good starting essential.”

Despite having a busy schedule, Claire still manages to make her own crafts “all of the time.” She said that “there is always something that you can make. It’s a great way to wind down and relax in the evening away from digital screens.”

If you are thinking about starting your own craft blog, Claire gave us a great piece of advice. She said that you will need to “niche down and pick one craft that you love. The more niche, the broader your audience and if you love it, you will be able to write about it for years!”


2017 will be an even bigger and better year for Heart Handmade UK. During our interview, Claire revealed that her boyfriend will be coming on board with the business. “We will be expanding this year. He had no clue about crafts at first but likes DIY and looks for any excuse to use his drill. I will also be looking at doing more video tutorials. I have just done my very first!”

Before we let Claire get back to her crafts, we asked whether she thought insurance was something that crafters often overlooked. She admitted that she didn’t know about it herself when she first started out in the industry. “I needed to read and learn about it myself. Many people don’t know that they need it or just ignore the fact that they do. It’s something that creatives really need to think about.”

We want to say a big thank you to Claire for taking the time to speak to us. We enjoyed getting to know more about her and Heart Handmade UK!