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Are you ready for another Crafter in the Spotlight? If you’re obsessed with jewellery (like we are!) then this is one that you’ll definitely love!

Our latest interview was with the woman behind K8tieSparkles, who is “a jewellery designer and mother who loves to make unique handmade jewellery using gemstones, passion and love.”

Katie introduced herself by telling us: “I am 34, a mum and live in Norwich, Norfolk. I create one of a kind bespoke jewellery using various techniques and gemstones.”

She decided to turn her hobby into a career after finding herself exhausted working two different day jobs, looking after her son and trying to get the business started.

“I decided to take a leap of faith and concentrate on my crafting as a business. It also gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my family.”

The gemstones that Katie uses in her jewellery are truly stunning. We asked why she chooses to work with these materials in particular and she told us: “I enjoy playing with different gemstones and find it really relaxing!”

“I love how each gemstone is different, and the amazing things that gemstones can do.”

If you visit the website, you will see that K8tieSparkles make all kinds of jewellery, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings. The inspirations for these come from “nature and the latest trends.”

“I also get a lot of inspiration from my custom orders as new ideas pop into my head while I’m making them.”

Her custom orders have proved extremely popular and Katie says she often gets asked to make pendants and necklace sets.

“I love making these kinds of orders as they really push me creatively.”

Katie spends time researching and learning about the healing properties, folklore and histories behind gemstones. She told us: “I love what past people thought of the gemstones and how a gemstone can help with emotional and physical alignments as well as their mythical properties.”

We asked which her favourite gemstone and Katie told us that “she has lots” but if she had to choose it would be Moldavite because “it’s rare and has really interesting stories behind it.”

If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, or just fancy treating yourself, jewellery from K8tieSparkles is the perfect choice. Katie told us that: “My handmade jewellery makes the perfect gift as it is 100% unique and one of a kind.  I like to offer stunning jewellery at an affordable price.”

When she isn’t busy crafting, you can find Katie at the park or exploring nature with her son. “We love going swimming and having days out. My son isn’t very creative at the moment, so we don’t tend to get crafty, but I am looking forward to the day he does!”

“I also love to cook. I love creating delicious food for all the family and my sausage rolls have been known to cause fights!”

The year ahead is an exciting one for K8tieSparkles! She plans to “attend more craft fairs and shows and continue to research gemstones and create unique new designs.”

Finally, we asked Katie why it’s so important that craft business owners have insurance like the one CraftCover provides. She told us: “It’s essential that you have insurance for peace of mind. If something goes wrong, you know you’re covered.”