Spotlight On:

Kazy’s Krafts

Our Crafter in the Spotlight gives us the chance to speak to people from a variety of crafting backgrounds and in the past, have had bakers, upcyclers and soap makers get involved! This month, we were lucky enough to speak to Karen James; the woman behind Kazy’s Krafts.


If you haven’t heard of Kazy’s Krafts before, she creates “handmade items for either personal use or around the home.” On her Etsy store, you can find lots of cute crafts, from shabby chic sewing machine covers and bag holders to uniquely patterned aprons and phone holders.

We started by asking Karen why she decided to set up her craft business and she told us; “I love to keep busy with my hobbies and I love sewing, so I decided to turn it into my little side line.”

Each one of Kazy Kraft’s products has its own style and character, which we absolutely love! When it comes to inspiration, she uses “her own ideas” and “often turns to Pinterest.” Karen likes to use shabby chic fabrics within her projects as she “loves this style, as these never tend to go out of date.”

As we mentioned earlier, Kazy krafts offer a wide range of products like iPad stands and drawstring bags. Karen said that her bestselling item is the sewing machine covers and that she “can sell up to 4 a week.”

How long it takes to complete an order depends on the size of the project. “Small items can take up to an hour and larger items like Tee Pee Tents can take a few days.”

But Karen doesn’t just spend her time making handmade items, she also likes to bake! One day she hopes to have a website for her craft business and “do this as a full-time job”, so this is something we can look out for in the future.

Our final question for Karen was whether craft sellers are aware that they need to have insurance. She said that “people only really think they need it if they are selling at craft fairs.” But we know that this simply isn’t true! Our craft policy fully covers handmade businesses when selling online, via 3rd party retailers and for essential things like public and product liability.