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Peace of Cake London

Here at CraftCover, we are partial to a slice of cake every now and again! That’s why we were excited to get the opportunity to speak to Peace of Cake London in our latest Crafter in the Spotlight interview.

The “dedicated free from artisan bakery” was set up by Guiti Jamshidi in 2010. Peace of Cake offer a wide selection of tasty treats, from muffins and celebration cakes to loaves and scones. Or if you something else in mind, they can even create a bespoke order!

After many years working as a Finance Manager for one of the country’s favourite retailers, Guiti decided it was time for a change. “Having baked for my kids when they were small, they urged me to get back in the kitchen and soon Peace of Cake London was born!”

What really stood out to us is the fact that that they make cakes and bakes to suit all dietary requirements. Whether you struggle with gluten, are trying to cut down on sugar or want to opt for egg-free, there will be something to suit you.

“My own struggle with a restricted diet led me to have a strong appreciation for the difficulties faced by others. As a result, I wanted my business to be able to cater for as many intolerances as possible, and we now offer sugar free, vegan, soya free and of course gluten and dairy free options.”

Compared to when the business first started out, there is much more choice of gluten and dairy free products on the market. “Since starting the business I have seen a much greater choice of products on the market, and I highly commend the supermarkets who have made the effort to provide a dedicated free from range.”

“However, I often find that customers come to us as their particular combination of intolerances are not compatible with the products available, and they are looking for something special with a better quality and taste.”

When it comes to the designs, Peace of Cake can create pretty much any look. In the past, they have created themes like mermaids, angry birds and dragons, just to name a few!

We asked where they get inspiration and Guiti told us that “in most cases the customer comes to us with an idea which we then develop into a cake decoration. We often share images of the final cakes on social media which inspires new customers to ask for something similar.”

The bakery has become popular with customers throughout London and we wanted to know the reason behind this. Guiti told us that “every cake is special to us, and often unique in its ingredients and design to match the customers intolerances and the occasion. I think that our customers know that as a sufferer they can trust us to take care of them.

As well as being available for delivery throughout London, their teatime treats have also been available to buy at Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street. We asked about the process of getting the products into store and Guiti told us that “the food buyer contacted us directly as they were interested in expanding their Free From range, and after providing samples they were impressed and asked us to work together.”

Another thing that we were keen to find out is whether there is lots of tasting involved in owning a bakery. “The inspiration for many of the recipes comes from memories of what I used to enjoy and have been adapted over several reiterations to suit the new dietary requirements. Luckily my family is always keen to help with the cake tasting!”

Having been around for over 7 years, Peace of Cake London definitely won’t be going anywhere soon. They have recently invested in a larger kitchen so that they can offer baking and cake decorating classes in the future. “In the longer-term, we hope to have our own shop, so that we can provide a place for our customers to enjoy our products with their friends.”

Finally, we asked Guiti about the benefits that insurance, like the policy CraftCover offers, brings to food and drink businesses like her own. She told us that “it most definitely brings benefits, as being insured gives both us and our customers confidence that should the unexpected happen they will be protected.”

Thanks to Peace of Cakes London for taking part in our Crafter in the Spotlight. We enjoyed speaking to you and wish you luck in your future baking adventures! If you would like to see examples of their work, you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.