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Scooby Cakes

One of the things that we love about our Crafter in the Spotlight is the fact that we get to meet people from a range of different craft industries. This includes makers of fashion accessories, cosmetics and food and drink.

If you’re reading this while you’re hungry, be warned, the interview is guaranteed to make your mouth water!

We recently spoke to Alison Outhwaite, who is the creative brains behind Scooby Cakes. If you’re looking for cakes that wow your family and friends, this is the place to go!

Alison moved to Heckington in 2016 to retire after working in accounts for several years. After 6 months, she found herself getting bored and that’s where the Scooby Cakes journey began.

“One Saturday I decided to make some cupcakes. It was only a hobby and something to keep me occupied at the weekends but then I contacted the council as I was being asked to supply them to the public. My EHO arrived and I was given the go ahead with a 5-star rating.”

She doesn’t just make your average cake, she makes many of them in beautiful flower bouquet designs. They are bespoke and can be made in any colour which makes them extremely popular for weddings and other special occasions where there may be a theme.

We asked Alison where she gets the inspiration for her products and she told us: “I generally try to match the flowers with colours. Sometimes you get asked for black cakes which I usually make into tulips. For flowers with small petals, or requests for gold, I generally make into roses.”

“I get inspiration from my garden as in the summer I have lots of different flowers growing there. YouTube is also a great place to get inspiration and I use Instagram for ideas too as I follow a lot of florist groups.”

As well as making bouquet cupcakes, themed cupcakes are also available from Scooby Cakes. In the past, she has made Harry Potter, Dr Who and Alice in Wonderland style cakes.

“Customers ask for the theme they want. I must admit that I do use silicone moulds or cutters but if they are personal requests like their pets, I do print the pictures on the cakes myself.

“I invested in an edible printer for icing sheets as I have a solicitor who orders loads with their logo on and it was worth spending the money so that I can do my own, especially if they are last minute orders.”

One thing that we love about Scooby Cakes is that not only do they sell cakes that look beautiful, but they taste just a good. They have a variety of flavour available including vanilla, white chocolate and caramel.

Vanilla has proved the most popular with customers, but Alison said that she has found “the men like toffee & caramel.”

“The white chocolate is also very popular as I have managed to source white chocolate flakes which make the perfect finishing touch.”

When she isn’t in the kitchen making her latest sweet treats, Alison loves gardening. “In the summer, I spend my daytime making cakes and the evening in the garden.”

“We also have four cats which take up a lot of time!”

The future is looking bright for Scooby Cakes. Alison told us that this year she is hoping to find a courier to transport her cakes further afield.

“My cakes are fragile and need careful packaging and transportation. I would love to ship them across the UK as I do get request from all over.”

“At the moment, this isn’t possible, we deliver up to 25 miles but most of my customers choose to pick them up. Hopefully being able to expand throughout the UK is something that we can do soon.”

When asked about the importance of craft insurance, Alison told us that it’s “very important”, even more so for crafters like herself who are making and selling food to the public.

If you would like to find out more about Scooby Cakes and their delicious cakes, head over to the Facebook or Twitter page!