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Why Branding your Business is Important

No matter how small your business is; branding is a crucial element to success. Creating that brand identity for your handmade products can be one of the most successful marketing assets.

Here are some key factors to consider when creating your own brand identity:


Before choosing your name, it may be helpful to see if it’s not already been taken online by using a name checking website such as, Remember that the name doesn’t have a lot of meaning until you give it a meaning and visual identity.


This is the time consuming part. It will determine your customer’s initial reaction to your brand so it is worth the time. Consider what the logos to your favourite brands look like and why they draw you in, then think about what your products are about.  Also think about how your logo will appear in situ, for example, what will it look like on price tags etc.

Tone of Voice

Think about how you are going to speak to your audience, do your products hold a cheeky or joking personality or are they quite formal and sensible.  Remember that your brand voice isn’t always your own voice.


Fonts should enhance your tone of voice. If you’re innovative maybe an edgy, sans serif font might work or if you use traditional methods in your work maybe a traditional font would represent it better.


Colours should reflect your logo and tone of voice. If you’re a happy, chirpy style of brand, think bold, bright colours. If you’re a contemporary brand using earthy materials, perhaps consider earthy, eco tones.


All of that hard work into developing your brand’s identity would go to waste should you not use it consistently. Be sure to follow strict guidelines so that you portray the same image on business cards as what’s used on the business’s social media.

If you have any branding tips of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.