Business Advice

Preparing Business for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, it’s easy to lose focus on your business and get caught up in the family excitement when actually it’s a crucial time to sell! In order to make sure you make the most of the season but still have that family fun, we have created a quick checklist to effective selling over the festive period.

  • If you usually work away from home, create a makeshift workspace away from the family zone so that you can’t be disrupted
  • Set aside an allocated time for email and social media
  • Set an out of office on your emails so that your customers are aware of your festive working pattern
  • Schedule posts for all social media networks using online tools such as Hootsuit, with consideration that online activity will be greater as people are off work
  • As for phone calls, change your answer machine/voicemail explaining when you’ll be picking up calls over the festive period
  • For any B2B clients, why not send them a Christmas card with a simple flyer explaining your working pattern over the holiday
  • Think twice about getting the family involved, even if business is busier than usual as this could slow down productivity
  • If you’re launching into sale after Christmas, be as organized beforehand as possible to save on stress

If you traded last Christmas, we’d love to hear how you survived the festive period in your comments below.