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Introduction to Social Media in Business

Social media is a vital source of communication between you and your customers. However, not all sites may be necessary for your business. Here’s a short guide for start-up businesses on what to expect from the main social media sites and how they could be a key marketing tool for you.


With around 1.35 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it tends to be great for showing off your products and linking them up to your website as well as giving people a glimpse into your professional world. It’s also great for getting involved with ‘Facebook Groups’, which in essence are communities. There’s a lot to explore on Facebook including targeted advertising options at an additional fee.



Twitter should be kept quite chatty and requires the most amount of posts per day in order to get interaction. However, it’s a great site to see what your competitors are up to and gain insight into how you can appeal to your target audience as most Twitter profiles are public



Consider who your customer is as more UK women use Pinterest than men so this site may not be right for you.  It’s great for retail If you do go ahead with using Pinterest, it’s great for sharing tips and inspiration with the occasional product image, just be sure to use your website’s link when uploading images.



Instagram tends to be good for humanizing your brand. Topics like behind the scenes and close ups of products tend to go down a treat with audiences on Instagram. It’s also worth spending time typing out hashtags within the description to allow people to find your pictures and to increase your following.

Of course there are many other social media sites, so comment below with any links to sites you have found useful.