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The Best Christmas Crafts to Sell

Christmas can be one of the most profitable times to sell your handmade crafts, especially if you have a unique selection of products.

If you’re looking for some crafting inspiration to sell this Christmas season, we’ve got you covered. From Christmas craft beginners, to the experts, CraftCover can insure your business and have you ready for the busy market period.

Is Christmas a good time to make and sell crafts?

Yes, for crafters, Christmas is a great time to make and sell crafts thanks to the increased demand for unique gifts.

Thanks to the huge demand of Christmas markets in cities up and down the country, crafters can massively benefit from a variety of customers who are looking for handmade gifts and decorations for themselves.

Due to this, it is essential that you are prepped well in advance for the upcoming Christmas season as it won’t only be busy at markets, you may expect to see a huge increase in onlines sales too (if you have an online store).

Advantages of selling christmas crafts

Making Christmas crafts can be a very successful pursuit for both skilled crafters, as well as those who are new to the world of crafting. A few advantages of selling at Christmas include:

High demand – Christmas crafts are of really high demand during the holiday season, so you likely don’t need to worry about finding a customer base.

Seasonal products – While many crafters do sell Christmas products all year round, many crafters promote their business by pushing limited edition Christmas products. This can cause excitement around your current customer base, as well as encourage new customers to purchase from you.

Scalability – Going to Christmas fairs can be an extremely profitable way to sell you crafts, but it is also a great way to launch your business. With success, crafters can expand their business online, as well as through other third party selling sites who will put their products in front of a huge audience.

Which Christmas crafts are the most popular and profitable in 2023?

If you’re in need of some inspiration for crafts to make this Christmas, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of the popular and profitable crafts for 2023:


While a lot of shoppers buy standard shop-bought tree ornaments, there is a growing demand for handmade, personal ones that have a unique touch. Crafters can utilise a range of different materials and personal items to create one of a kind ornaments that can’t be found in highstreet stores.

Personalised ornaments can be made for a number of different occasions such as a baby’s first christmas, a first christmas in a new home, as a unique gift to a friend or family member and so on.

Christmas gift baskets

Receiving a well curated gift basket is usually unmatched due to the thoughtfulness that comes with it. As people grow older, it can be difficult to think of what to give one another which is why gift baskets are so popular.

Instead of the usual items, think of ways in which your box can stand out. This could include personalised food items, DIY craft kits, customised wrapping and much more.

Christmas cosmetics

Cosmetic crafters looking to make products to sell this Christmas should consider selling limited edition products and scents. When you label something as limited edition, it creates a sense of buzz around the product as shoppers know it won’t be around for long. This can also encourage shoppers to buy multiple of your products so they have some to use throughout the year.

A great example of this is the Snow Fairy range by Lush. Each year they come out with the signature scent and shoppers go crazy trying to get their hands on the products, especially when there is a new release.

The best crafts to sell this Christmas

If you still need some inspiration on what crafts to make this Christmas period, we’ve created a list of some of the top ideas for you.

… and much more!

Where can I sell handmade Christmas crafts?

One of the best places to sell your Christmas crafts is at a Christmas market. This way, you can get your products right in front of hundreds, if not thousands of keen Christmas shoppers who will be looking for gifts as well as items from themselves.

At CraftCover, we have specialist craft fair insurance, which you will likely need if you are wishing to attend craft fairs and markets this Christmas. This will cover you for the whole year, but we do also have one off craft fair insurance if you’d prefer the cover for just one weekend.

The shoppers who aren’t keen on Christmas markets will need to be targeted in a different way. There are a number of websites in which you can set up online “stalls” to sell your products. Etsy, Folksy and Not on the High Street are all great options to choose from.

You can read our dedicated guide on where to sell handmade crafts to find out more.