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How to Increase Sales at a Craft Fair

One of the best ways to share your products to new customers is by selling at craft fairs. However, if you’ve never sold at a craft fair before, it can be tricky knowing how to increase your sales.

In this guide, we’ll talk through our top tips for increasing your sales at craft fairs, as well as outlining what kinds of products are the most popular.

What sells the most at craft fairs?

What sells the most at craft fairs generally depends on the particular event, however, some top sellers include items such as:

Unique and affordable items are usually a hit at craft fairs, especially when your product appeals to a wide variety of different customers. Although seasons and trends are essential and a great way to encourage more sales, it’s important you align them with your strengths. Choose crafts you are passionate about and that you can produce to a high quality.


How do you attract customers to your stall at a craft fair?

One of the best ways to attract customers to your stall is by making it stand out. First impressions are everything and having a stall that stands out against the competition is a great way to entice customers to take a look at your products.

Knowing your audience is a great way to achieve this. Once you know what your audience likes and wants to see, you can tailor your stall to work in ways that will attract customers. For example, if you produce kids toys, you could have a small kids table next to your stall with toys on to be tested, allowing you to speak to the parents.


Best ways to increase sales at a craft fair

When it comes to crafts fairs there’s a few different ways you can maximise your success and increase your sales. We’ve listed our top craft fair tips below of everything you should keep in mind:

Do your research

Before you attend any craft fair, you should always be doing some thorough research beforehand. Find out what kind of merchandise is typically sold by other sellers, as well as who usually attends the fairs and how long they typically stay for.

This will help to give you insights into the types of products people are looking for and help you to target your customers more effectively.

Create appealing displays

Craft shows are all based on visual elements, so having attractive displays is essential if you want customers to stop by your stall. Make sure all of your items are displayed neatly, with your best sellers or main products being at the forefront of the display. You should also utilise any interesting signs and displays that reflect your products. This will help to draw people in from a distance.

Offer promotions

Offering promotions and discounts such as “buy one get one free” or a % off selected items will help to encourage customers to buy from you over other sellers. It’s important your customers feel like they’re getting something special that they can’t get elsewhere, so make sure these temporary deals stand out as much as possible.

Display clear pricing

Displaying your usual prices is just as important as displaying any discounts or promotions. Many customers prefer not to ask for pricing, which is why it is beneficial to always have prices on display, even for smaller products.

Be friendly and available

When customers are looking round crafts stalls, they are often drawn to those who are more approachable and talkative. Being friendly and chatty is a great way to start a conversation and encourage customers to buy your products. Explaining about the time, effort and materials that go into your products also helps people to understand your pricing.

Obtain contact details

Finding a way to obtain your customers’ contact details is a great way to encourage repeat purchases and place yourself as a memorable seller. To do this, you could encourage email entries for a regular competition draw. However, you should be sure not to pressure anyone into signing up their email.

Finally, don’t forget that any sales at a craft fair can only be successful if you and your business are fully protected by appropriate craft fair insurance. We discuss how important this is in our dedicated blog on what type of insurance craft fair sellers need.